Plants & Indoor Gardens

These photos are representative of what we will carry – but they are not exhaustive, and I cannot guarantee that all of these are on our shelves all the time. I do have some super favorite houseplants that I believe anyone can grow, and I will attempt to keep these in stock all the time. Come check them out.

For each plant, whether a stand-alone or in a garden, I will include care instructions that go far beyond those that you find on labels elsewhere. I will go the extra mile to help you be successful with houseplants, because I want you to come to love having plants inside.

If you are a child or a kid at heart, you can play will fairy gardens and include personal mementos that give it your family flavor.

Custom Gardens and Special Plant Orders

There are fairy gardens, ghoul gardens, and other designs along with decorative gardens, terrariums and a selection of plants intended to make indoor gardening easy and pleasurable.

I am happy to customize indoor gardens using a container you own or put a new plant in your own pot. If you want to personalize a garden, I can add your “treasure” into the design. Submit the custom garden order form to start your ideal planting!

If you are looking for a specific plant only and not a garden, please submit the special plant order form today!


Mary's Indoor Gardens and Plants