Before you say you have a “black thumb,” let me add that I will help you. This is the entire premise of my little shop — you get personal help.

Fiske's General StoreMary’s Indoor Gardens and Plants is located inside Fiske’s General Store at 776 Washington Street, Holliston Massachusetts—(look for us in the front corner of the Craft & Gift Room right by the window).

You can run into Fiske’s and grab what you want—just take it to the register and the kind folks at Fiske’s will process the sale. I will plan to be there every day and will post those hours. But any time you need help, have questions or comments about something you own or want to buy, I am available by cell phone between 10am and 5pm daily. I can answer questions over the phone, by text, email or meet you at the store.

This venture is a bit unique in how it will operate, I know. We’ll see if technology can provide customers the one-on-one attention they want, when they want it.

Once a week, I will send an email newsletter about new items we have brought into the store and helpful hints about plant care. Please sign up via the subscribe area above.

And if you have a special order, please complete this form. Hope to see you soon.

Mary Greendale