growing plantsAll marketing aside, I sincerely want kids (and grown-ups) to get engaged in growing plants, especially inside. I believe plants improve our spirits and studies prove that plants clean the indoor air. I will hold special events and educational activities periodically for kids and adults.

I will make every effort to buy plants from growers in Massachusetts or New England. I have worked with Massachusetts’s agriculture and horticulture industries for the past 17 years, and I am passionate about farmers/growers and local farms. Massachusetts’s agriculture is unique and should be supported for a myriad of reasons. More on this elsewhere.

Frankly, anyone can grow plants indoor as long as they get the right plant for the light conditions and water it correctly.

TerrariumI have loved houseplants for my whole life learning from my mother and her mother. I learned some old plant care tricks from them. As an adult, between 1975 and 1980, I operated a plant store (The Plant Place) right here in Holliston on Central Street in what is today the Jasper Hill bar and bistro. I sold the store and went in a new direction, now I’m going back to my “roots!”

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